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Hi! That's right, I'm moving again--permanently this time (hopefully)--to...

And this really wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing, because I've been thinking about moving, I just didn't know to where. mizzybox was nice enough to take me on board.

I'll be posting there from now on--please feel free to watch that community!
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FANMIX #2 (to feel this bruised--a sam/dean fanmix)

Fanmix time!

Yeah, I......... guess I really didn't feel like staying away from this community (somehow, I'm posting more often here than on my personal journal, wth). There are ten songs, but the last three are extras (a.k.a. I was too lazy to make more cover art ;P).

I'll crosspost tomorrow, since its a half-day. -glee-

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41 total icons this time. I don't even know why I've been working on icons when I have a huge essay I should be writing, but oh well. I.... was mostly experimenting on these, so they're pretty dismal, sorry. ;__;

I C O N S ;
[x06] Elephant (film)
[x07] KANJANI8
[x15] Supernatural
[x12] avant-garde fashion

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community post #1

Hi, this is mich3ll3_1126  --just on a new journal! I'll be posting under this name in this community from now on out~

I've been spamming lately, so I'm.... going to try to stay away for a bit. :'D Oh, and would anyone like a list of Photoshop shortcuts that I've made myself? (basically, just a list of keyboard shortcuts for controlling tools and the like.) It's really simple, but I'll throw it out there if anyone is interested. ♥